Chronos cover artwork revealed.


As part of the promotion of the band’s new project, Heaven’s Guardian reveals the album cover for “Chronos”. Idealized by the band, the artwork was developed by the artist Carlos Fides (@fidesarts), who sublimely captured the essence of the work.

“Chronos” retraces chronological cycles experienced by humanity, from the Antiquity of Greek Mythology, passing through the Middle Ages, to the contemporaneity of Artificial Intelligence. Time, personified by the imposing Guardian, testifies and narrates stories lived or built that were preponderant for the evolution of society, chronologically traversing moments of pain, overcoming, and reinvention that leads us to understand the past, live in the present, and project the future.

The elements on the cover – the Guardian (Father Time) activating the amulet of time, the Greek bust turning into a Cyborg, ancient and modern architecture, the Zodiac Wheel, materialize the chronological line of human civilization, encouraging us to travel through the details of what we once were, have become, and possibly will be.